BioMagnetic Sciences

BioMagnetic Sciences, LLC is a medical device company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the of the pain sufferer through research and development of non-invasive, PEMF-based medical devices in order to alleviate pain and promote healing.


BioMagnetic Sciences, LLC (BMS) is committed to becoming the leader in the delivery of advanced PEMF technology for pain management and treatment of osteoarthritis.

Relief from Pain

Without the use of drugs.

“I’m very impressed with the device, and I have experienced relief. During my personal case study, I’ve restricted my ibuprofen/acetaminophen intake to 400mg (Ibuprofen) and 500mg (acetaminophen) daily, usually taken in the early morning prior to my workout. I’ve found that when using the device, I haven’t felt the need to take any additional doses throughout the remainder of the day. That in and of itself indicates that something positive is happening when it comes to the presentation of symptoms”

~ NHL Strength Coach

NovoPulse could make a difference for you or your patients.

Safe, effective, long lasting pain relief is available.

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