Best Practices Academy

Best Practices Academy, a healthcare services organization, is devoted to providing focused leadership to equip value-based practices and improve clinical outcomes.

The Academy serves through a wide range of collaboration and shared knowledge with accountable care organizations, medical and chiropractic professional communities and independent practices and health systems.

Best Practices Academy's clinic support services make it easy for doctors to meet the regulatory demands of healthcare, make successful business decisions, and improve clinical outcomes.

The Academy equips chiropractors, so they can do what they love, help patients.

ComDel Innovation

NovoPulse products are manufactured by ComDel Innovation, an ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered company for medical product applications.

ComDel Innovation is a contract product development and manufacturing company located in Wahpeton, North Dakota. ComDel Innovation works with customers to help them bring their products to market and support them at all stages of the product commercialization cycle: design, development, prototyping and production scale up.

ComDel Innovation serves a variety of markets including Medical, Commercial, Automotive Aftermarket, Agriculture and Aerospace, with a customer base ranging from large OEMs to individuals with an idea that they would like to commercialize.

Relief for Pain

The real deal.

"I first became aware of NovoPulse when the Governor’s Office called to ask me advice about a company that was considering moving to South Dakota to manufacture a pulsed electromagnetic field device for pain and osteoarthritis. Not having any prior experience with PEMF, I did some searching for published evidence on the therapy. I was impressed with the depth of study that has been performed with PEMF. Following my meeting with the Governor’s office and NovoPulse, we furthered our efforts to better understand the device, its potential impact for healing, and how it could equip the chiropractic physician in his and her effort to help patients in chronic pain. Our efforts led Best Practices Academy to take the initiative to help NovoPulse educate the chiropractic community about PEMF and the unique design of this device which makes it more effective in pain management.

On a personal note, the osteoarthritis in my lower cervical spine flared up again. It got so bad I was ready to have it injected after doing everything I could for it from a chiropractic perspective. I used the device frequently on a daily basis and within 3-4 weeks the pain was gone and I have been without pain for over 6 months. This device is the real deal. Let us know how we can help you get this in your office to give your chronic pain and osteoarthritic patients the relief they deserve."

~ Dr. Scott Munsterman, DC FICC
CEO, Best Practices Academy

NovoPulse could make a difference for you or your patients.

Safe, effective, long lasting pain relief is available.

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